Posted by: kathandroger | March 15, 2011

Return of Roger the roofer

He’s back! Roger the roofer has had a break to focus upon other jobs, but the time has come to re-re-roof the office. He did a beautiful job back in the Autumn, tiling the roof in reclaimed tiles we had lying around. Only problem was that it leaked! Finally, with the good weather we’ve had of late, it has all dried out, so another solution had to be sought. Not quite as pretty this time, but at the end of the day you want a roof to be watertight, rather than pretty, and hopefully that is now what we’ve got…

It may look straightforward, but I can assure you it was not! The 3m sheets all had to be cut to size and the slightest scrape scratched off the surface coating. Luckily (?!) I was at hand to help. It is not forecast to rain for a few days, so let’s keep our fingers crossed that when it does it stays on the top of the roof!

A couple of weeks back we wrote about our mission to convert the French to parsnips. Well, we have progress to report. Jean-Marc, our mason, who was distinctly luke warm when we gave him a few delicious roots, came back effusing about the wonders of the english vegetable. He is a big gardener and was keen to get hold of some seeds (which is impossible around here), so we gave him a packet and they’re already in! Another friend was keen to have a few jerusalem artichokes, so never one to miss an opportunity I popped a few snipes in the bag. He and his wife loved them! 2 down, 62 million to go….

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