Posted by: kathandroger | March 9, 2011

Blossom, goats and barns!

It is hard to believe it is still the beginning of March. Since last Wednesday we have been bathed in sunshine and the temperatures have been rising each day. Everything around us is being duped into thinking spring has already sprung…

This is one of our apricot trees which has just started to blossom, as indeed has the other one. They seem to be the first each year, closely followed by the peach tree. The only problem is that whilst it may be 18 degrees in the afternoon, it has been -2 at night! Our mason, Jean-Marc, informed us yesterday when he arrived that they were ‘foutu’, which basically means there is little chance of an apricot crop this year, or words to that effect! I’m not so sure, Jean-Marc….

It was a fabulous day to go out on our bikes today too. And we did my favourite ride, to St Maure via Les Coteaux, a very pretty troglodyte valley which was particularly splendid this afternoon as the yellow flowers of spring were at their best. One wood was carpeted with a beautiful mass of daffodils. St Maure, of course, is the famous centre of goats cheese, which means that as you cycle through the lanes rather than sheep or cows in the fields, there are goats! And to the extent that they have their own particular road signs…

Given our sheep problems with the big bad belier, I wonder if we should get some goats to eat the grass, rather than sheep?? They did look very cute and much less trouble than Nousnous. By the way, we are almost certain that Minty isn’t in the family way. Here she is yesterday, looking distinctly unpregnant!


Oh well, we’ll have to have a trip the livestock market at Les Herolles at the end of the month and acquire some new lawn mowing capacity. Meanwhile, the masons are back after their week’s holiday and have got stuck right back in to things…


Here thy are removing all the old mortar and cleaning up the facade. Jean-Marc has been busily removing blocks of stone and replacing them with nice new ones just as if they were lego bricks. It’s a good job they’re doing it and not us or there’d be all sorts of mess! Years of experience makes the task seem remarkably easy! Next up is to do the stone work for the dormer windows – les lucarnes – ready for the carpenters to return and finish them off. At the moment we have 4 very large holes in the roof and Evelyne on the tele says we may have a bit of rain on Sunday…


  1. Nice to see that Health and Safety has not made it to central France!

    • You’ve spotted it! Not a hard hat in sight (occasionally a flat cap!). However, a couple of weeks back when they were putting the big beam in someone made an unsafe move and the boss sounded his horn immediately. Everyone stopped, the offender received a stiff talking to and then work continued in silence. So maybe it is just H&S done differently?! ps see the ‘Pools have now gone ahead of CAFC!

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