Posted by: kathandroger | March 5, 2011

Sheep-back riding and operation caddies

Our big bad belier is getting ever more difficult to control. We’ve been doing quite a bit of work in the field of late and it is virtually impossible to get on with anything with him around as he butts constantly and if he catches you right, it really does hurt. Roger now tethers him to a tree, but even getting the rope around him is trick…unless you get on his back!

It doesn’t seem to bother him too much, and for those of you concerned about his wellbeing, he doesn’t go very far! Last year our local race track at La Roche Posay held a camel race…wonder if sheep racing could catch on?

Today we’ve been preparing what will eventually become the garden for ‘gite B’. Roger has put up a new fence (he made the fence posts from our Acacia trees) to keep the beast out and I’ve been cleaning up a bit…

This weekend we have also been busy with Operation Caddies. This is the weekend when the charity we do voluntary work for – les Restos du Coeur – sets up stall outside all the big supermarkets in France and asks for food donations. Here is Roger with his caddie (trolley) and Coluche, the iconic founder of the Restos…

The Restos and Operation Caddies are institutions in France and the weekend is well advertised on national TV and radio, so everyone knew what we were doing at the entrance to our local Carrefour without us even needing to say anything. However, Roger is quite proud of his little spiel he gives people when they walk in. I was greeted with a blank look from one chap, but once he said ‘I can’t understand you luv, I’m English’ we were fine! Generally we were well received. There is definitely a sense that life is not easy financially for many people this year, and there was quite a bit of Sarko-bashing. Not surprising, therefore, to read today that he is now officially the least popular president in the history of the 5th Republic. Infact, rather worryingly, he lies 2 percentage points behind Marine Le Pen (23%), the new leader of the Front National, and level pegging with Parti Socialiste leader Martine Aubry (21%)… A year to go to the presidential elections – a lot will happen between now and then, but Sarko has an awful lot of work to do!


  1. You make riding on a sheep now ?

  2. Can I try nousnous ?

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