Posted by: kathandroger | March 4, 2011

Haircut francais.

I had my hair cut yesterday. It’s different in France. For a start all the salons are unisex, and all the staff seem to be female-and I am sure they really are female! All haircuts are preceded by a shampoo and a lovely head massage. There is something very relaxing about having one’s hair washed, especially by gentle feminine fingers, and the main problem is to stay awake! The cutting then begins, after a thoughtful discussion of the season’s style. Mine involves cutting long hair off and making me look like a schoolboy. But things have changed somewhat since that long ago era. For a start the tumbling locks are a different colour, lightly tinged with what might harshly be described as grey. Then the trimming reveals a certain thinness of locks on the crown, which is beginning to reflect the bright lights in the salon. Even worse, after trimming my “pates”-sideburns to us, but the same word in French for dogs legs!-an attack is made on the hair which has mysteriously appeared in my ears. We all know that as we men get older God takes the hair off our heads and stuffs it in our ears, but he seems to have done an especially good job with mine.  If he goes on like this they will need my garden strimmer to do the job.  And the worse thing of all. Who is that old creased geezer looking back at me from the mirror? Still, Laetitia did say that my French was very good, and she has a lovely smile-or was it a smirk?

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