Posted by: kathandroger | February 21, 2011

Free range chickens…a bad idea?

We decided it would be nice for our chickens to wander around the garden and orchard – that little touch of french country life. We should have known better as we kept chickens in the UK and they did a good job of digging up our garden there. Now we have holes everywhere we don’t want them, they dig up the leaf mould and kick it everywhere, eat the polystyrene the builders are using and even try to pinch Boudie’s food, which doesn’t go down well. Today I caught Wendy in the herb garden…

Having shooed her away, 2 minutes later she flew up onto a shelf by the door and started helping herself to some bread…


The only consolation is that all 4 are back in full lay, so we get 3 fabulous eggs each day!

After Friday’s excitement with our new beam things have been a bit quieter today on the building front, though lots of progress has been made nonetheless. The masons have put up their scaffolding and started to remove the old mortar from the outside wall of the big barn, whilst the chippies have put up the rafters to support the new floor…

Meanwhile, poor Boudie has been a bit under-the-weather, having eaten a bit too much manure the other day I think! Here she is curled up away from everything…

…or maybe she just wanted to escape from those pesky chickens!!


  1. I’m truly impressed by the progress you’re making on your barn. Keep up the updates!

    • Thanks Jim, though I fear the progress is down to ‘les ouvriers’ – we just make them cups of coffee! Our hard work will start once they’ve finished….

  2. Greetings from Ronda where I arrived yesterday for 10 days of odd jobs.
    Easyjet flight was packed to the rafters.
    My friend Denise has been under the weather with a bug so I got the job of walking the 5 dogs, feeding the three horses and one cat. They are grateful for anybody who feeds them. Weather is good about 20 degrees and sunny so today wa spent cementing the cracks in the terrace around the pool.
    Just had a visit from (another) electrician. Did the usual “what cowboy fitted that routine”?
    I am jealous of your relationship with trades people, here (in general) is the last outpost of the cowboys although there is the odd one who does a good job at a fair price.
    Good luck with the chickens. Cheers, Tom

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