Posted by: kathandroger | February 16, 2011

Windows on the world

At our site meeting last Friday it was agreed that we weren’t quite ready for the windows, as the masons had a bit more finishing off to do first. What is more, the big new beam is arriving tomorrow, so fitting windows would get in the way. We were a bit surprised, therefore, to see the windows chaps bright and early yesterday morning ready to start the installation. The electrician turned up too, 5 minutes later, but he was expected! The windows had all been made to measure to the dimensions the mason said they would make the openings and as they started to be matched up I was just praying the holes were the right size  (the order was placed before the holes were made). I needn’t have worried – all windows were present and correct and appeared to fit!

Here are the upstairs windows with the view over the orchard (as you can see the sills are not quite finished!)..

And here they are from the outside, with the patio doors…

However, by lunchtime today it was acknowledged that window fitting would have to stop there until things were properly ready!

Meanwhile, the masons have not been the only ones here to make holes. Here is Boudie, finding it difficult to disguise the fact she has just dug a big hole somewhere in the garden to hide her bone…

Still on an animal theme, we are hopeful that we may hear the patter of tiny hooves soon. As we have a ram and a ewe it is a reasonable hope to have, but given Roger’s record in predicting animal pregnancies we are making no assessments of the size of her belly. One thing’s for sure though, if that big bad belier hasn’t done his stuff, he is for the pot….

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