Posted by: kathandroger | February 12, 2011


I’ve had a lovely morning.Pottering.

Mangagement was out shopping and I had no written instructions so I could do just as I wished. I think the best thing about our life in France is the lack of pressure to do any one thing on any one day. I just love having no plans and letting the day unfold. Sometimes things go well, and sometimes badly, but today was one of the former. It didn’t start too well though, as the mad ram caught me filling his water butt in the field and my butt was attacked with some ferocity. The application of his blindfold seemed to do the trick, however, and I had time to appreciate the stillness of the day, with only the hammering of communicating woodpeckers in the trees above to break the silence. I then dug a few scorzonera and endives from the potager, and put the latter in the dark of the cellar for forcing-I love the taste of the leaves in early spring. The light in the cellar has never worked, and I was not looking foreward to the long rewiring job, but a stroke of genius told me to try changing the lightbulb. Eureka! We can now fetch that bottle of wine at night without the risk of broken limbs.

The next job was to fix an old cow feeding rack (the rack is old, the cows I think, were not) to the wall above my new decking. It will look pretty, and a good place for putting some trailing plants. But after unravelling 50 metres of cable I found the bl……y drill chuck had siezed up. No problem, I am on a good run today, and sure as eggs is eggs it was fixed in a truss.-or rather in my vice with some penetrating oil. Then the drizzle started. Good run come to an end I thought. But no. Going back to the workshop I had just enough time to make another fine nesting box for the birds before the boss arrived.

Pottering. It’s lovely.


  1. I also like to potter, only I call it sorting! My children, now left home, still know to give me a wide birth when I am on a mission to sort.
    Sorting / pottering is really satisfying.

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