Posted by: kathandroger | February 9, 2011

Spring in the air?

As it is only the 9th February it is still a bit early to talk about spring, but since Sunday our weather has been absolutely glorious and the first signs are spring are appearing….

 This afternoon we were out on our weekly ride with the cycling club and it was fabulous. Our shade thermometer said 14 degrees, our ‘in the sun’ thermometer read 29! This has meant a little flurry of garden activity, although we are careful not to go too early as we did last year. We have planted some peas, and our broad beans and garlic are doing well (planted in November)…


With regard to the peas, the French nation plant theirs on the 15th February, so we are told, so we thought we’d plant some a week early (rebellious English) and some on the allotted day and see which perform best! We’ve started doing some indoor planting of seeds too. One of Roger’s Christmas presents was a packet of giant onion seeds (supposedly grow into 6 lb onions). He sowed ‘a few’; I potted on 144 yesterday – that’s 864 lbs of onions!!

The masons and carpenters have been enjoying the sunshine too, although they have been stuck inside most of the time. At least their finger ends aren’t freezing. More holes have been knocked into the walls of Barn B….

And in the big barn, Barn A, the old floor has been dismantled and the rafters for the new one are going in. There was quite a debate about the height yesterday and the boss was concerned it may be a bit low, adding that it would be OK for him, but the English are very tall (actually as I looked around, Roger, who I have never thought of as lanky, was the tallest in the room!). So it was agreed it would be raised to accommodate the giants from over the sea…


Perhaps we’ll be able to advertise as ‘gites for particularly tall people’!

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