Posted by: kathandroger | February 5, 2011

Back to the barns

After a couple of weeks break due to the flu, our masons returned on Wednesday in force. A new team this time – the demolition work is largely finished, so they have moved on to re-mortaring all the walls so they are clean and sound for us to apply the plasterboard and insulation. With a team of 4 things certainly moved fast and by close of play on Friday the whole interior of the large barn had been finished. here they are in action…

On thursday the charpentiers turned up too to start on the floor. There is an enormous beam to replace, which to us looked like a very tricky job; M. Leroux seemed to think it would be a ‘morceau de gateau’. It is all going to happen next week, so let’s hope his confidence is not misplaced!

Meanwhile, we’ve been back to the walnut oil maker with our nuts and plastic container as instructed. The good news is that we are now the proud owners of 6 litres of walnut oil; the bad news is that Monsieur informed us our nuts were very average in quality. It’s all down to the drying apparently. Must try harder next year. Anyway, here is the giant nutcracker and the presses used to manufacture the oil…

Despite the averageness of our nuts, we thought it was delicious and look forward to many salads with walnut oil dressing!


  1. Remind me, how many nuts for 6 litres of oil?

    • Dear Gaynor, We picked up about 27kg of nuts, that is about 10kg of kernels after the fag of getting all the cleancentres out-but it seems that is the thing the French love to do on cold January evenings. The huilerie really is worth a visit if only for the smells and the ambiance. Do let us know when you are next in France,it would be nice to meet up. We areoffto the market in Descartes now, our usualSunday morning routine to meet friends! All the Best, Kath and Roger.Read our blog at

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