Posted by: kathandroger | January 23, 2011


What a busy week! The winter seems to be an increasing social whirl. Most days there is something to attend, or friends to entertain-not that we are complaining!

We made a visit to a very unusual theatre yesterday afternoon. In Ferriere Larcon, a small village a few miles away, there is an occasional theatre held in what looks like a typical small old French dwelling. Inside there is a small balcony, a stage, and room for about a hundred sardines-sorry, punters. We arrived just in time, were ushered into the dark cold space, and were amazed when more garden chairs were sent for to cater for the late arrivals! Eventually the patron appeared, and was distressed to relay the non apperance of one of the three acts for the afternoon. It didn’t matter too much though because old Pierre, who lives three doors away and plays a bit of jazz piano, had agreed to come and do a little turn to fill the gap. He turned up in his coat and wooly hat, mumbled something about it being a good keyboard and hammered out a few tunes after slinging his top clothing aside. It all went well, with lots of audience participation, then he got up, dressed again, and ambled off home. The other acts were amusing too, but the best was an improvisation by the patron and another keyboard player of some Simon and Garfunkel. We met some friend on the way out, and they were coming back for a different performance in the evening-all  were sold out, not bad for an old wreck in the middle of nowhere.

 In the evening we went to the lovely house of some friends for drinks before the Carp Fisherman’s Dinner and Dance in Decartes. As normal we left after the aperatifs some two hours after the event was due to start, but as expected nothing really got going until about 10. 30pm. We danced feverishly, especially Kath, who has a touch of the local flu, and were pleased when coffee arrived after the meal, at 2.30am. Not an early night, but thoroughly enjoyed by all. It is interesting how the French seem much more at ease in groups of completely differing age groups than we do, and we have come to accept three year olds running about at 3am!


  1. Great blog – glad you enjoyed the entertainment at Ferrier Larcon.

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