Posted by: kathandroger | January 21, 2011

Christmas overalls

Father Christmas clearly know Roger very well. One of the presents he delivered was a brand new set of snazzy overalls. At first he was a bit reluctant to wear them for work, given he has a knack of getting everything extremely grubby! Anyway, they have served him well this week as he as gone into overdrive on the jobs front. Here he is (unfortunately not sporting the aforementioned garment), having just chopped down our large walnut tree in the orchard, which is unfortunately in the process of dying…

Other achievements of the week include finishing the decking area which will provide extra sunbathing area in the summer. Here is Blanche, the chicken that escaped the chop because she was so pretty, checking it out. (We’ve gone totally free range on the chickens now, dispensing with their run and electric fence. Boudie’s finding it all a bit confusing!).

The other activity of the week for Roger has been scraping up all the mole hills that have appeared all around the garden, field and increasingly in the potager. We don’t really mind them in most places, but will be taking serious action should they venture into the vegetable plot when we’ve planted up. They are fast approaching the cabbages…

Meanwhile, I’ve had a pruning week. We’ve decided to follow what the locals do and as a local viticulteur was out pruning his vines the other day, I decided I should follow suit…

All this activity has been in contrast to that of our workers, who unfortunately have fallen victim to the dreaded flu that is reaching epidemic proportions over here at the moment. The boss, M. Mestivier,  was bemoaning his lack of workers when he popped in for a coffee this morning – as well as his digger that has remained stationary in our courtyard since Christmas. Unfortunately it was taken away on the back of a lorry, much to the dismay of Monsieur M!

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