Posted by: kathandroger | January 17, 2011

The big bad belier

As previously documented, we have been having a few behavioural problems with our ram (le belier), Nousnous. His recent butting activities have led Roger to make a special hood to prevent him doing any damage (particularly to Roger’s nether regions!). Anyway, we had a few friends round for lunch today, so thought it might be fun to introduce them to the big bad belier. Here is, heading to Fred to give him a good butting!

Luckily he doesn’t have horns and is actually a fairly poor butter, but nonetheless we felt it sensible to take refuge in the kiosque on the hill…

Luckily Nousnous hasn’t yet got the hang of climbing the steps!

Back to the barns, things have moved on a pace. The big barn is starting to look a bit more like a gite than a barn. Almost all the windows are now done – just a couple of dormer windows once the carpenter gets here to put in the floor. Here is the barn as of today…

And this afternoon the chaps have switched to the second barn. This is all a bit trickier as there are several different levels. Let’s hope they got their measurements right or it could look very strange. Here is the start of work…

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