Posted by: kathandroger | January 12, 2011

Err, Bah, and cats on leads.

It is good fun trying to learn the lingo here. Kath is word-perfect of course, but my O level just about pass of many years ago is not quite enough. But I have made some progress, however. For instance, the French for “er” is “bah”. Whenever I am lost in a conversation it is easy to say ” Bah, c’est la vie “. People always nod appreciatively, and look impressed. On further thought, however, they may be thinking “that stupid English geezer has no idea what we’re on about” !

The weather has been a bit inclement lately, and we were the only ones to turn up for our club bike ride today. It is true that there was a fine drizzle and the wind was nearly gale force, but it was a bit Frenchy to be put off by that. However, we did meet a chap in the car park who was walking his white cat on a lead. This is not a common sight for us, but he did give us a full explanation. He is from Bordeaux. Apparently there are lots of cars in Bordeaux, and they are dangerous things for cats, so everyone walks their cats on leads.  He then went on to lay a tablecloth on the pavement and then the cat’s bowl. After asking it what it fancied, some special catfood was produced, followed by a soothing beverage, and then they took their leave and continued their journey home. The next time we visit Bordeaux we will keep a lookout for hordes of picnicking moggies on leads.


  1. c’est la vie mon bon Roger !!!

  2. I have not understand tout le texte !

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