Posted by: kathandroger | January 9, 2011

Sheep hoodies, garlic and beans

Roger wrote yesterday about our troublesome sheep, Nousnous and his anti-butting initiative. Well it seems to work. Here is the ‘beast’ sporting his hoody..


He didn’t seem too bothered by it, largely because there is a hole which allows him to eat – and helpfully to breathe! For the animal rights folks reading this, he only has it on for a few minutes while we fill up the hay/water etc (honest!).

As reported a couple of days ago, the weather has turned very mild. The garden has been tricked into thinking spring has arrived. After 2 months of hiding underground the garlic and broad beans have dared to appear. We’d given up hope – let’s just hope we don’t return to –10 degrees!


  1. pourquoi? dis la pintade.
    for eat you . says roger.

  2. What is happened to your sheep nousnous ??? (je n’ai pas réussi à tout traduire)

    • BonsoirMarinette, Nousnous est en bonne sant. Mais il est plus grand maintenant et chaque fois je suis dans sonchamp il me donne les coups de tte! Donc il fallait fair un capuchon. Quand je suis l je mets le capuchon sur son tte ettous est calme encore! Je l’enleve aprs quelque moments et tous va bien!

      Ne t’inquiete pas cause de le traduction. Il estcrit avecdes mots anglais trs difficile et d’habitude en “slang”-comme argot en franais. Si tu veux, tu peux corriger mon franais! Bises, Roger. xxRead our blog at

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