Posted by: kathandroger | January 8, 2011

What shall we do with the butting Nousnous?

Nousnous is a sheep but thinks he is a dog. It was all good fun until he became a big boy and was surrounded by women.  Although he now  only has Minty to look after, he seems to think that anything else needs to be butted, including his hay feeder, and much more important, me.

His technique. however, is not the most refined, in that if a hand is held up he will stop in mid attack to have his head tickled. But if no hand is seen, he continues his attack, and the result is sometimes painful-his height is perfect for the nether regions of the average shepherd! More annoying though, is that he will follow all me all over the field and  relentlessly continue his charges, which means any gentle stroll has to be done walking backwards in self defence. He sometimes rears up onto his hind legs, giving a full view of his family jewels before an attack, a not too pretty sight given the mud and his lack of perineal cleansing!

So how to combat this problem? Eating him is a good option, but that would leave Minty all alone. I thought of fitting him with a large belt around his middle attached to a heavy object to slow him down, or maybe tying his legs together, but rams are such stupid animals that he would only hurt himself in the effort of trying to get free. Then a stroke of pure genius! A blindfold! An old bag, given to us on one of our vinyard rambles, was soon found, and after some trial and error ( he was not happy when I forgot to put the breathing holes in it!), the solution to my problem is in action. The hood is almost see through, so he won’t stumble into things, and he can still eat and probably swear at me as well. It is only used for a few minutes daily, when we want an unmolested stroll, so the solution seems to be ideal. Time will tell!

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