Posted by: kathandroger | January 7, 2011

Bonne Annee!

Happy New Year to everyone. Roger, Boudie and I wish you good health and much happiness in 2011.

Apologies for the lack of blogging of late – we took a mid winter break back to Yorkshire and Northumberland for a couple of weeks and a lovely time was had by all. Normal service will be resumed henceforth!

After weeks of freezing temperatures, snow, ice, thick socks and gloves etc, we have returned to almost balmy temperatures. It was 14 degrees today! This weather is quite bizarre. Perhaps winter came early and we are now moving into spring? Probably not…

The sheep appear to be in fine fettle, having been cared for by our neighbours, the Dockray family. The chickens enjoyed their gourmet break chez Gilles et Claude. And the chaps have progressed well with the barns. Making holes in walls seems to be the order of the week…



Actually, with the light starting to permeate the rooms we are starting to get a real feel for the end result. We are delighted with the patio door, with lovely views over the orchard…


And now the stone has been cleaned up inside, the rooms looks full of character (even thought most of the walls will be covered with plasterboard in the final version!)


So, 2011 is off to a flying start. There are lots of challenges ahead, and lots of hard work of course, but both of us are excited about the months to come and can’t wait to get well and truly stuck in!


  1. Happy new year my two favorite scarecrow

    I give you a big kiss

  2. bon courage pour cette nouvelle année de travaux

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