Posted by: kathandroger | December 21, 2010

Truffle dog?

We’ve been to the truffle market at nearby Marmigny Marmande this morning. What a feast for the senses! As you walk into the marquee you are hit by a delicious aroma of sizzling sausages, pates, cheeses, foie gras etc etc. All the stall holders are keen for you to taste a bit of their wares and excitedly explain why one foie gras is slightly different from another. And the presentation simply makes you want to buy!



In fact Marmigny Marmande is a sleepy little village (as are many of the villages here!), but on the 21st of December it busts into life, with producers of fine food coming from all over the country. It is also a big truffle centre and as we cycle around the countryside we often come across plantations of truffle oaks. At the market there are several stalls actually selling little oaks that have been impregnated with truffle spores and we were quite tempted. We also saw pictures of dogs being trained to seek them out…and we wondered…? Boudie, it turns out, is rubbish at hunting, despite being a hunting dog, but she does have a cracking nose. The only problem is that she might be tempted to eat anything that she found!

Anyway, here are the lumps of black gold – note the prices…



The place was absolutely packed. The locals were buying top-notch produce for the Christmas celebrations. The poultry stall was doing a roaring trade..


And to show how seriously the whole truffle thing is taken, the market had its own master of ceremonies. Reckon this chap has a few years of experience!


Anyway, it is our turn this evening. Three of the four chicks we raised are for the chop. The white one is pretty, so she has been named (Snowy) and is being kept as an egg layer. Neither of us are looking forward to doing the deed, but it has to be done!



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