Posted by: kathandroger | December 19, 2010

A barn storming week!

Unlike most of Northern Europe we’ve had a pretty decent week weather-wise. As good as can be expected for mid December anyway. We’ve been able to get out into the garden and do a bit of work and on Friday Roger even got down to short sleeves whilst laying some decking to the side of the pool. Here he is having decided it was indeed too chilly for a t-shirt!


and here is Boudie taking in some rays…


This has all meant that the chaps have stormed ahead with the work on the barns. They managed to get the floor laid in the second barn, have removed the old mortar from much of the inside walls and finished the patio door overlooking the orchard. It has a wonderful view and the large open plan kitchen dining area is going to be stunning! Here they are in action…




There is a view in the UK that French workers are a bit unreliable, difficult to manage and keener on long lunches than long hours. In our experience that could not be further from the truth! Maybe we’ve just been lucky, but the experience of friends suggests that it is the norm. The skill and quality of workmanship is superb. Let’s hope we have the same view in 6 months time!

Meanwhile, Christmas is just around the corner, we’ve stocked up on our sparkling Vouvray and the foie gras is getting fat! Tartiflette and vin chaud in the square at Descartes tomorrow…can’t wait!

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