Posted by: kathandroger | December 16, 2010

Girls don’t do bonfires.

Kath is an exceptional woman. Normally she can make a fire in the garden just by rubbing two bits of rhubarb together. A couple of days ago we started to cut down one of our big walnut trees because most of the higher branches were dying back.  Lots of the branches were still green and moist though, and after several boxes of firelighters, varied northcountry curses and strange anger dances, she did the sensible thing and politely requested some masculine intervention. Within moments the fire was roaring loudly, the wife was less noisy, and all went well.  A job well done in the end.

It did occur to me, however, that a good fire is very like a good husband. It needs constant attention, regular feeding, and some gentle encouragement, but will reward the carer with a gentle warmth and  comfort and a radiant sense of wellbeing.


  1. Yes, dear husband, you are quite right. Men do seem to be pretty needy beings…

  2. I had a similar experience many years ago, when my management deployed all her girl guide experience to build a fire in the living room. Starting with large logs at the bottom, working upwards through decreasing sizes, finally to the kindling, and finishing, cherry cake fashion with a fire lighter perched ever so carefully right on the top. Can’t remember if it worked, she sent me to bed before I had chance to see.

    In reality, as you know, F is far more able than me in most things. I demonstrated my own standards this morning, first day back at work I arrived at the office wearing the jacket and trousers from two different suites (yes Roger, some people have more than one); I’ll put the light on next time.

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