Posted by: kathandroger | December 15, 2010

Introducing ‘Builders’ tea’ to the French!

Whenever we have workmen here we always offer them a coffee – generally the espresso type. Yesterday Roger decided it was time to anglicise our masons a bit, so at 10.30 he produced 5 large mugs of strong builders’ tea, of course made with Yorkshire tea (only the very best!). They were a bit perplexed and asked what it was and what was in it, but the general reaction was that it wasn’t bad at all. They drank it all, anyway (maybe something to do with the fact it was –5 degrees and the tea was hot!), as they did again today. Well, if we can’t convert the French to parsnips, maybe we’ll have more luck with builders’ tea!

Whatever they thought, they have certainly cracked on this week. After the floor being laid on Monday, yesterday and today they’ve been making big holes for doors and windows and removing the old plaster from the walls. Seeing it develop day by day is very exciting!




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