Posted by: kathandroger | December 13, 2010

Le beton

When the chaps left on Friday they told us Monday was to be the big day – they were going to ‘couler le beton’ or pour the concrete to make the floor in the big barn. As it was –4 degrees when we got up this morning, we were a little doubtful that the event would materialise. Then when a couple of the guys arrived with a little cement mixer we thought that either it was all off, or they were going to take about 2 weeks to do the job. So we went out for our Monday morning walk with some of the locals (slightly curtailed as we heard a gun shot and our fierce hunting dog turned on her heels and ran back the other way!). On our return, the big cement mixer was just on his way out!



Also, the reinforcements had been brought in and lots of furious levelling was taking place..


But the final result seemed pretty good…


I just hope the water pipes were in the right place after all!

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