Posted by: kathandroger | December 12, 2010

Father Christmas arrives in Touraine!

Less than a couple of weeks before Christmas day and Father Christmas has been spotted with his wife in Touraine warming up for the big day…

And here they are in their carriage on their way to the Christmas market at Ferriere Larcon…

Ferriere has been a new discovery for us this weekend. It is in South Touraine, not far from Le Grand Pressigny and was the location for a cracking little Christmas market today. Lots of ‘artisans’ stalls of course, but also quite a few lovely foodie stalls, many of which were in the beautiful church. Inevitably we had to partake in a crepe and vin chaud – it would be rude not to of course! When the weather is a bit better, we must go back as apparently there are some lovely walks through the valley, which like St Remy, is dotted with troglodyte dwellings.

Speaking of the weather, we’ve had 3 days of lovely bright and relatively warm weather. Sadly, it is to be short-lived. The cold is about to return and the snow will probably be back at the end of the week. Dommage!

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