Posted by: kathandroger | December 5, 2010

Sport and politics

After several days of freezing temperatures and snow the thaw has arrived today. Unfortunately the rain has come with it! There has been nothing else for it other than sit in front of the tele (and a roaring fire) for a sporting weekend! We have finally succumbed to Canal+ which has all the french Top14 rugby and the premiership footy. So yesterday (whilst I went out on the club cycle  in aid of the Telethon), Roger took in 3 rugby matches, followed by an amazing Coupe Davis 5 set doubles encounter. Phew – exhausting! And today it is the 2 singles matches. Djorkovic has just beaten Monfils – quite easily – so now it is down to ‘Mika’ Llodra the final rubber. Allez les Bleus!

The other thing one does on a wet miserable day is read the papers of course. The big story this week in France has been the declaration out of the blue by Segolene Royal that she is going to be a candidate for the 2012 presidential elections. Indeed for the next year and a bit politics over here is all about 2012. And it is far from certain who will stand and what will happen. As Sarko is one of the most unpopular presidents of all time, one would assume he would be a gonner. However, there is a plethora of potential candidates lining up which could easily split the vote and give M. Bruni at least the chance to be in the 2nd round vote off. Mme. Royal, who of course lost out to Sarko in 2007 is currently lying 3rd on the left, behind the current party leader Martine Aubry and the current head of the IMF (a busy chap at the moment) Dominique Strauss Kahn (known here as DSK). DSK has the advantage of being away from the country and therefore not in a position to make mistakes and is currently the darling of the left. Mme Aubry – the daughter of Jacques Delors, the former President of the European Commission and subject of the famous Sun headline ‘Up yours Delors’ – is a terrier of a politician, but somehow doesn’t look presidential. Abry and DSK seem to have come to come to a bit of an arrangement, but Mme Royal is a very canny politician and could even scupper them both with her audacity. Meanwhile, the centre and right is a bit cluttered too. There’s Chirac’s former PM Dominique de Villepin, he of the dodgy scheme to frame Sarko last year, Jean-Louis Borloo (recently talked about as PM and then took his bat home when he wasn’t appointed) in the centre – amongst others – and not to forget Marie Le Pen, who will succeed her horrible father as head of the Front National. Lots of deals to be done I think…should be interesting times!

On a more prosaic note, Roger has sufficiently reinforced the tree in out garden to suspend the penthouse bird table. Only problem is that despite the obvious luxury and feast of goodies the birds are a little reluctant. Wonder if it has anything to do with a big hairy dog with the white beard who is intent on guarding the bread!



  1. Bodie is transformed into dady chistmas !
    Big kiss marinette

  2. Thanks for card. Great blog site. Love your news and the dog.
    What a life you both lead.
    Where exactly are you in France? would love to visit you sometime. Please email your address so we can send you our Xmas card from England.
    All fine here . I have a new knee fantastic back to old activities!!
    Alex at Univ of London now in 2nd year reading Geography. Plenty of sport high social life not so sure about the work!!
    Judith (no.1) house up for sale. Had enough of all of us.!! Love Judy and Don

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