Posted by: kathandroger | December 1, 2010

The big freeze

Like much of northern Europe, winter has come early to La Belardiere. We had a few centimetres of snow at the weekend and a bit more today. The forecast is for another 5 – 10 centimetres tonight, accompanied by some very low temperatures (possibly down to –10). Having said that, we appear to have escaped the worst as the north and east of the country has almost come to a standstill. Nonetheless, we are trying new ways to keep warm. Here is Roger snuggling up to Boudie, who is toasty in her winter coat..


The sheep seem happy enough in the snow too, although Nousnous has become quite a pain with his butting. Luckily he doesn’t have any horns, so he is quite easy to push away. Here he is trying to scale the fence with Minty thankful he’s after someone else for a change!


Fortunately nothing seems to get in the way of the chaps working on our barns. 3 turned up this morning – Vincent, Anthony and a more mature gentleman sporting a flat cap, who didn’t volunteer his name. They’ve finished preparing the floors in both barns now, ready to put down a PVC layer and then the concrete, once it warms up a bit. Speaking of which – it is forecast to be +15 degrees by Monday – quite a change around! Here is Vincent playing with his digger in the smaller of the barns…


And here is the more mature gentleman removing Vincent’s rubble…



  1. how are you at the belardiere ? we have snow at st remy , we have cold ,my english is limitate but I try a little bit.bisous à bientot.
    How are you at La Belardière? We have snow at St. Remy, and it is cold. My English is limited, but I will try a little bit. Tu a très bien fait pour le premier essai!

  2. Bonsoir à tous!
    Merci, nous sommes très content à la belardière, parce que nous avons deux poêles à bois, le chauffage de fioule, et je bois du whiskey! Mon français n’est pas bon aussi, mais si tu veux, je peu corriger ton anglais, et tu peu corriger mon français!

  3. OK tu corrige mon anglais et moi ton français on ecrit chauffage au fioul et je peux but it’s not grave to do error of writing the important it’s to we arrived.
    kiss louison marinette and lucette
    Merci pour les corrections. J’ai fait des petites corrections pour l’autre commentaire aussi.
    In English on dit “but it’s not important to make a writing error, the important thing is to understand. Today we undestood.”
    Je pense que tu as raison!

  4. You are talented at french !
    Merci, Marinette, mais je quoi que non! Mais ton anglais au-dessus est parfait!

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