Posted by: kathandroger | November 26, 2010

Barn conversion bores

It is only a couple of weeks since work got underway, but already I suspect that we are becoming barn conversion bores. We used to take interesting photos of local scenes, friends etc, but now I’m afraid it is all trenches and walls! The hole we had a couple of days ago has now been transformed into an ‘opening’…


Roger is standing there as though he has done all the work; Anthony is wondering why Roger is taking the credit for all his hard work!! Anyway, it looks as though the boy knows what he is doing – what a relief! Meanwhile, Vincent has been busy digging all the drainage channels and laying the drainage pipes…


As well as taking the credit for Anthony’s work, Roger has hidden himself away in his workshop today (it is a bit chilly!). I went in to check on him this afternoon to find that he had taken to making bird boxes…


These were the first 2, before he started getting a bit more adventurous. This one, I am told, is to be tiled in slate… I hope he has a sturdy tree to fix it to!!


There seems to be no stopping him now he has got the bit between his teeth – might be setting up a stall on Descartes market next week selling bird boxes!!

Meanwhile, I’ve been planning our vegetable garden for next year…


…perhaps not! I was sorting out some old photos and came across this of the wonderful formal vegetable gardens at Villandry. Something to aspire to?

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