Posted by: kathandroger | November 23, 2010

Odds and sods…

The building works have started! Vincent arrived with assorted diggers and has proceeded to rip up the cement of the barn floors before digging the drains. I always have problems remembering builders names, so I associated him with the famous painter (Van Gogh). The next day he looked a bit confused when I called him Toulouse (Lautrec)! He came the first day with a youngster called Leondre, but I remembered that name, so he was changed for another young man called Anthony, but without Cleopatra!

Vincent, Anthony and their toys

Can’t the French talk! We had a pre-season warm up talk at the Restos today. Not much was discussed, and it seemed to me that it was repeated stating of the bleedin’ obvious. Kath was miffed because the meeting had no agenda, no obvious purpose, and was punctuated by the audience chatting amongst themselves. It was, as usual, preceded by the bises and handshaking, and as we had a full house of about fifty that took some time. Still it was good to see lots of smiling faces again. The season starts again next week.

Talking of talking, Kath was Danni’d today. Danni is the sometime partner of Francis-he of the 101 cars-who has allegedly left him but seems to spend all her time here still. Kath had made the mistake of gardening next to the road wall, and Danni decided to come for a little chat. I was on the periphery, happily playing with some cement, but even I now know how many spare pairs of knickers Danni has! Better to have chatty neighbours I guess.

We are about to have our first really cold weather in the next few days. The house is now very warm and comfortable with the new woodburner in the lounge, and we both have to strip off a little when it is on full blast. The dog is not yet used to naked bodies watching the tele!

The autumn colours have almost gone, but here is the remnants of our parthenocisus tricuspidata (ok Boston Ivy) on the outside of the house. Isn’t nature wonderful?


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