Posted by: kathandroger | November 12, 2010

The caring male

Tomorrow is world kindness day, whatever that may mean. I think I’d better mention it to our ram, Nousnous. If you’ve been reading our blog you’ll know that one of our ewes, Bitten, was attacked by a dog at the weekend and is distinctly worse for wear. Here she is this morning in the shelter looking a bit sorry for herself (actually this is her better side!)…


I took her some food and also put some in the trough for the other two. The caring male that is Nousnous decided that hers was tastier than his, so ensured he polished off her rations before returning to his own. Here his is looking all sweetness and light..


Then he thought the girl clearly needed a treat. So he mounted her from the rear, launching himself onto her sore and aching body – poor thing can barely stand – and rammed her into the side of the shelter. She was clearly so touched by his loving action that she weed on his head… not that he seemed too bothered…


Meanwhile, here is Minty, minding her own business and getting on with what sheep do best…


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