Posted by: kathandroger | November 10, 2010

Bitten bulletin.

Sheep are strange creatures who, in my experience, would rather lie down and die rather than grab life by the throat and revel in it. Only once have I known recovery from illness in the breed, and that was one young  Jacob ewe who recovered after being force fed spinach! Bitten looked like she was going to lie down and succumb, particularly after being harassed by Boudie this morning. Stupidly I let her into the field whilst I positioned my new patented sheep hay feeder (built yesterday to a revolutionary design), and she dissappeared only to reappear close to the rear end of Minty, who was fleeing for her life! After bashing the dog, we eventually found Bitten lying down in a ditch. I don’t think Boudie had harmed her, but she looked particularly scared and ready to say goodbye to the world. However, having fed her some concentrate and given her some water, I am pleased to say she is up and about again and even followed her mates for a few yards this evening. I shall give her some spinach tomorrow!


  1. Fingers crossed for Bitten from us both.Don’t think the pheasant was a fair swop.

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