Posted by: kathandroger | November 8, 2010

Health bulletin…

We have been reluctant to name our sheep thus far (except Nounous of course) a) because they all looked the same and b) we were going to eat some of them and we didn’t fancy eating a pet (speaking of which, we had some liver from one of our males this evening – beautiful!). Anyway, given the fact we are not going to eat the remaining 3 and in view of yesterday’s incident we decided it was time to get on friendlier terms. So henceforth they will be known as Bitten and Minty …

Bitten, of course, is the one that was savaged by a dog yesterday. I would take a photo, but she really looks a bit of a state, so I’m sure she would never forgive me for posting her picture for all the world to see. This morning Roger checked on her and returned looking grim. His verdict – she might not make it. A bit later we took up some sheep nuts and fresh water and she had perked up a bit (although see didn’t get much of a look in on the food). Then towards the end of the afternoon she was actually trotting, albeit with a pronounced limp, behind the other two down the hill. It still may be a bit touch and go if she gets an infection, but we are a bit more optimistic than this morning. Bonne courage, Bitten….

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