Posted by: kathandroger | November 7, 2010

Sheep attack

So far keeping sheep has been without incident. As Boudie is unable to get out of our property, we never considered the possibility of another dog getting in (although Boudie is a bit ‘robust’ and not that good at squeezing through holes it has to be said). Half way through the afternoon Roger shouted for me and appeared with an old Jack Russell type of dog on one of Boudie’s old leads, which he had just found in the field. One of the sheep had been badly bitten around the ears and on one of her legs and he was clearly the culprit. Not knowing quite what to do, Roger walked up the road to where one of the locals was hunting and explained what had happened. The chap threw the dog in the boot of his car and we returned to check our sheep was OK, which she seemed to be, though a bit bloody and scared.  A little while later a chap stopped by the house to inquire what had happened, as he was the owner of the said animal. We established that all seemed to be OK and he produced a pheasant to soften our blow. Let’s hope the dog hasn’t got a taste for our lamb and makes another visit during next Sunday’s hunt…. Oh, the trials and tribulations of rural life!

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