Posted by: kathandroger | November 6, 2010

Autumn colours

I’ve been waiting all week for a bright sunny day to go and take some photos of the beautiful autumn colours we have all around us at the moment. Alas, no bright sunny days this week even if it has been ridiculously warm for November! And by the time I did take the camera out with us on our walk today, the leaves are just a tad past their best. We are lucky enough to be surrounded by literally hundreds of tracks through a number of different forests within 20 minutes drive. This morning it were just outside the pretty village of Le Grand Pressigny and here are Roger and Boudie…




And here is the parthenocissus on the front of our house..


If you’re wondering how Roger the Roofer is getting on – it’s good news – he’s finished! Here he is proudly showing off his handy work with his little helper….


Next job is to sort out the inside and transform it into a proper office…

After a couple of weeks off for the Toussaint holidays, we were back at dancing on Thursday. We’ve promoted ourselves to the intermediate group (we also attend the beginners class) and I fear we are starting to be found out. At least we got ourselves a round of applause this week…the whole group (about 30 couples) was walking through a new series of twirly moves and when the instructor stopped to check we were all at the same place Roger and I were totally tied up and facing completely the opposite way from everyone else. God knows how we got in the position, but the whole room dissolved into fits of giggles. Not sure that’s the reaction we hoped for, but it’s better than no reaction at all!! Better practice I think….


  1. Should Ann Widdecombe be worried? I think so!

    • I haven’t quite mastered the ‘sack of spuds’ position, so she should still be a step ahead! Anyway – WIDDECOMBE MUST GO!

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