Posted by: kathandroger | November 1, 2010

The White Wolf

We went to our local market as usual on Sunday. Kath sent me on an errand to buy some cheese whilst she frigged about at the meat stall. Now the cheese vendeuse is a lovely chatty lady with a smattering of English which she likes to try out on me, but this week, halfway through a rather complicated purchase, some French friends arrived to say hello. That means, of course, that one doesn’t just say hello, it means lots of handshaking and snogging. No sooner had the first friends arrived, but some others appeared, and I naturally had to repeat the procedure. This in the midst of my Cantal and Bleu d’Auvergne cheeses.  I apologised to the vendeuse, but she informed me that it is much more important to chat to friends than to worry about purchases, and to carry on talking. A third couple arrived, and on eventually turning back to my cheeses the lady informed me that I was a “Loup Blanc”. Apparently that means that everyone knows the white wolf and that morning everyone seemed to know me! I was very flattered, and didn’t bother to explain that I had met nearly all of my French friends that morning!

It does show the difference between the culture here and in the UK though. I don’t think the cheese stall in Tesco’s would be quite so accomodating!

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