Posted by: kathandroger | November 1, 2010

Barns, strikes and Toussaint

A week to go to the start of our barn conversion work, so we’ve been making the final preparations, clearing out the last of the things. The masons are starting with the biggest barn – grange A – which will be 5 bedrooms. As this overlooks the orchard, once it becomes a gite it will be called ‘le verger’. For the record, here’s how it looks today…

View from the orchard   

View from the courtyard 

Dowstairs - will be the dining area

Will be the kitchen

Bedroom to be

Bedroom to be

And here is the port-a-cabin that arrived last week for the chaps to have their lunch in…hope it likes it here, it may be here ‘til June!


Out in the outside world the ‘greves’ (strikes) are having a bit of a break during the Toussaint holidays. The refinery workers appear to have gone back to work, which means the fuel situation has pretty much returned to normal. There are more strikes and demonstrations planned, but given that the pension reform laws have now been passed, it is difficult to see what they are likely to achieve. There is though a growing sense in France that inequality is rising in the country – largely due to Sarkozy’s reforms – and in fact that now appears to be the biggest rationale for industrial action. I guess the positive is that at least people are passionate about standing up for what they believe in in France…

Speaking of Toussaint (well, briefly mentioning it anyway), today is Toussaint, or All Saints Day. It is a day when the Catholics celebrate their saints. Not too much evidence of that here today, but a day’s holiday nonetheless – and an extra cycle ride with the club this morning!

For those following the exploits of Roger the Roofer – there has been progress! All the tiles are on, some of the pointing done and the roof light is in (not without a certain amount of cursing it has to be said). Some finishing off around the edges and the job will be a good ‘un..


Finally – it’s a year to the day since we started this blog. We started it so we could keep a record of what we’d been up to we’d achieved at la Belardiere. I know that friends and family quite like to have a read from time to time too…since we started we’ve had about 3,500 views. It’s been fun writing it…so here’s to year 2!


  1. Hey Dad and Kath! Great to talk to you today Dad, you sound like you’ve got lots to do and it will be an eventful autumn/winter with the building starting. The blog is great. Look forward to seeing the building progress and other stuff! Not sure you’re a white wolf though just a bleedin flirt! Im jealous of that cheese! Lots of love The Freemans xxxx

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