Posted by: kathandroger | October 26, 2010

Will I turn into a cauliflower?

When I was small, if I ate something very regularly, people used to say that I would turn into whatever food it was. Whilst I was fairly sure this wouldn’t happen, there was a slight doubt (when I was very young, that is…), in the same way that I had a nagging concern that if I didn’t wash my ears thoroughly potatoes would grow in them (also when I was very young). A couple of weeks ago we realised that our cauliflowers (13 of them) were all ready at the same time, since when cauliflower has played a significant part in almost every meal. So, would I turn into a cauli?


In fact this is not me. This is a cauliflower – and the last of the 13! Sprouts next…

Meanwhile, Roger the roofer has been at it again. The battens are all on and we’ve started tiling. Hopefully, the roof will be covered tomorrow before we go cycling in the afternoon…


This afternoon we did a bit of a ‘Ground force’ visit to our neighbour’s garden. With our other neighbours, Steve, Sarah and Sophie we had a pleasant afternoon strimming, pruning, mowing, chopping and burning. Unfortunately I forgot to take a ‘before’ shot, but believe you me we made quite an impression!





It was actually a beautiful autumn day, so in true Brit fashion we decided to have a barbie when we’d finished! Of course Boudie suddenly showed interest as soon as the food came out…


Also in true Brit fashion, we were not perturbed when the sun went down and the temperature dropped like a stone. Here we are in our coats, pretending not to be freezing…


Speaking of the cold, we now have our new boiler working like a treat – and Roger has fitted the new wood burner in the lounge. After sitting under our snuggle blanket for most of last winter it is such a treat to be warm. Just looking at the flames make the room feel warmer!


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