Posted by: kathandroger | October 24, 2010

Chop it off!

We had another of our after dancing dinners this week. As usual, everyone brings some nosh and after a couple of hours random dancing the tables and chairs come out with military precision, the tablecloths are laid and we all sit down, after aperatifs of course, to a several course meal. The food is interrupted by more dancing, of a different nature, largely consisting of waving napkins around and doing the conga. There are also some traditional songs in which the main lines have to be shouted out loudly and are apparently quite rude!

Anyway, we eventually began eating and the conversation came round to my former surgical procedures. Now the French don’t know about vasectomy-it’s virtually unknown over here-and so someone was sent to find a biro so that I could draw some diagrams on the white paper tablecloth. All  went well, and the mainly female audience was fascinated, especially when I showed where the cuts were made. My ladyfriend on the left, however, was adamant that the cut was in the wrong place. Her husband has been less than well behaved lately and she was convinced that the cut should be made cleanly and completely across the base of the manly organ. She added her thoughts to my diagram with some relish. Her assertion was warmly applauded by her female friends, and the men dissappeared for another helping of boudin noir!

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