Posted by: kathandroger | October 18, 2010

More from Roger the roofer…

Roger the roofer has been hard at it again, getting his beams in and making the roof of the ‘office’ watertight. Here he is hard at work…

Next stage is the battens and, of course, the tiles, but there has been a halt in proceedings as Evelyne on the tele says it is going to rain tomorrow…also there is no petrol available due to the strikes, so we are confined to barracks and can’t go to Chatellerault to buy the required wood! Speaking of the strikes – they seem to be gathering pace and tomorrow is another general strike!

It’s a good job we’ve got plenty of food in the garden. In fact it is now definitely soup season. Today we dug our first leeks and parsnips, but of which are pretty impressive, though I say it myself! I used one of our nice big squash to make a spiced pumpkin soup…here are the raw materials…

Good job I made a huge pot…may need to last us a while!

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