Posted by: kathandroger | October 12, 2010

Roger the roofer

Roger’s been getting more and more into roofing lately. His kiosque was his first serious roofing venture, after which he is confident he can tackle anything! We also have a bit of a surplus of tiles and beams around the barns and courtyard…which is just as well, as the roof on what will become our office has seen better times. Here is one of the beams…

The other problem is that the roof is made of asbestos, which is never ideal. So, with no further ado Roger set to the task of dismantling it. Never happier than when making lots of noise and getting grubby here he is in his element…

By the end of the day he had removed all the roof and was ready to fit the new beams that he had cleaned up. More top tips from Roger the Roofer to come….

To other matters, the walnut harvest continues. Luckily it is nice and dry, which makes collecting all the easier. It’s also interesting how the trees are in sequence of ripening –  in fact the same sequence exactly as last year. One tree is almost done, but I reckon we have another 2 or 3 weeks to go though with the other 5…

I forgot to mention that our epouvantails – scarecrows – that spent several months on the wall over the summer, got down from their perch and went in search of more excitement. To be more precise, Roger and I attended the volunteers’ picnic at Ethnicite, our local caves, dressed in the very same clothes we dressed our scarecrows in. This might seem a bit odd, but you should have seen everyone else! We certainly didn’t look out of place!

What DO we look like!?!


  1. Dear Worzel and Aunt Sally, you look absolutely wonderful in your Sunday best. After sitting on the wall for so long it must have been really nice to be allowed to go out for the day.

  2. vous étiez très beaux tous les deux.

  3. you was wonderfull with your scarecrow clothes!

  4. Now Roger’s asbestos sniffing has turned his snout white will he be OK for truffling?

    • I’ve tried him out several times at truffling and quite frankly he was rubbish! Still trying with the dog, but she seems more interested in hedgehogs…

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