Posted by: kathandroger | October 9, 2010

October sun

What a beautiful day we’ve had. The third on the trot in the mid 20s (26 in the shade today – not that there was much shade!). We had a fabulous tandem ride around the St Maure area, lunching at a little bar-tabac in the pretty village of St Epain. It was one of those real classic ‘France profonde’ eateries – very simple, but excellent. Roger had the andouillette (otherwise known as ‘poo’ sausage) for which Roger has acquired quite a taste of late. Unfortunately I can’t get beyond the small!   And when we got back it was even warm enough for a dip…well, just about. I did a couple of lengths and beat a swift retreat for the sun lounger. However, that is 2 days later than the latest swim last year. It’s going to rain tomorrow, then back to blue skies, but a bit cooler. The swimming pool’s days are over, I fear, for this year!


  1. merci pour le lien vers le blog d’Eleonor du carloy

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