Posted by: kathandroger | September 29, 2010

Walnuts, sheep and winter warmth!

A few months ago I wrote about our deliberations over a new heating system. Our old fuel oil boiler had given up the ghost and we fancied something a bit more environmentally friendly. We liked the idea of some sort of heat pump, either air or water sourced. After lots of reading and advice (and quotes) we concluded that it was not going to be the best solution for an old house like ours that is not terribly well insulated (stone walls and old windows) and have plumped for a fuel oil condensing boiler. And the good news is that it is coming tomorrow! It has warmed up a bit over the last few days, but it is nice to know that we will be able to turn the heating on should it turn chilly. We are putting in another wood burner, this time in the lounge, so hopefully can take advantage as much as possible of the wood from our own wood…

Another sign of autumn being well and truly here is that the walnuts are starting to fall again. We have 6 large walnut trees, so collecting them is pretty time consuming – good job we have extra hands coming out from the UK next week. We have only just finished last years harvest! If we have enough we may look to have them made into oil at a local  walnut oil maker. Whichever way we eat them, it seems they are very good for us…good job really!

Finally, the days are numbered for 3 of our sheep (actually, they are for the chop tomorrow!). They’ve done a good job keeping the grass down, but they are starting to get a bit frisky and brothers and sisters breeding together is never a good idea. So, we’ll just have our sheep that thinks its a dog, Nounous, and a couple of his girls left for the winter and to replenish the flock for next year. Must say, I’m looking forward to a nice bit of roast leg of lamb!!

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