Posted by: kathandroger | September 26, 2010

The seasons are a changing…

On Wednesday it was in the 30’s and everyone was moaning it was too hot; we sat outside until it got dusk in our shorts; we even contemplated having a dip in the pool. This morning (4 days later) at the market we had our woollies and fleeces on sitting in the square for our coffee. The temperature has dropped 15 degrees and it is distinctly autumnal! The tomatoes and courgettes have just about given up the ghost in the garden… and we are still waiting for our new boiler/chimney to be lined. Brrr. Might have to get the snuggle blanket out again! We are promised more sun and a bit of an improvement this week, but I suspect the days of wearing shorts are numbered for this year.

We did brave the cold yesterday evening, however, to eat outside at the fête de la pomme at nearby Dange St Romain. Our cycling friends had booked a table, so there we sat in our coats eating out barbecued boudin noir (black pudding sausage) and beans and several other things. The cold was not the main problem of the evening – it paled into insignificance compared to the entertainment – a singer and accordion duo. The PA system was adequate for the whole of Dange, not just our event! And it was fortunate we had plastic and not glass glasses as some of the higher notes were quite ear-splitting. It was an evening of French classics (?!) .. just think Charles Aznavour and you probably get the idea. Let’s put it down to another of those ‘learning the local culture’ experiences!

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