Posted by: kathandroger | September 22, 2010

A grand day out!

Evelyne on the tele told us on Monday night that we’d better make the most of the last few days of summer. So we got up nice and early yesterday (even the sheep were still asleep somewhere in the wood) and headed off to La Rochelle. It was 4 degrees. Evelyne – had you pulled a fast one?  But the sky was deep blue and the sun fast making its presence felt. After an hour it was already 15 and on our arrival it was most definitely short sleeve weather.

We didn’t know much about La Rochelle, but it is fabulous – especially on an exceptionally hot september day when all the holiday makers have long since returned home. The old town has been spared modernisation and it is wonderful to wander through the little streets, stopping at a cafe and watching the world go by. We were also struck by the number of bikes around the town centre – even ‘yellow bikes’ to pick up and drop off at the official stops. As for the yachts and boats – La Rochelle is the premier sailing centre on the west coast of France – which is saying something. Certainly a bob or two on display today.

As we haven’t had a holiday this year, we treated this day as it – fruits de mer for lunch – what a treat, and here is the view…

Then off to the beach. It was really starting to heat up and poor Boudie has already got some of her winter coat, so we had to head for some shade. Even so, I don’t think she really appreciated sunbathing. I suspect she would rather have been on her sofa at home. Here she is soaking up the rays with Roger…

It was 29 degrees when we headed off home! We made a bit of a detour via Le Marais Potevin which is a an area criss-crossed by canals and waterways – a bit of a green Venice. It was very pretty, though we didn’t really do it justice. We need to go back with our bikes and explore.

Speaking of bikes – today our club ride moved to the Autumn timetable, ie the afternoon rather than the morning. It’s been another scorcher – even warmer than yesterday. Our fellow cyclists did nothing but moan about the heat – we loved it! If they’d spent their childhood paddling in the North Sea and experienced forty odd British summers, there might not have been quite so much whinging! Sadly our hot spell is due to come to an end tomorrow  – oh well, at least we’ve made the most of it.

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