Posted by: kathandroger | September 19, 2010

Philippe Croizon

We are lucky enough to have a fabulous centre aquatique at nearby Chatellerault and, being swimming fans, swim quite regularly in the bassin sportif which is permanently laned for ‘proper’ swimming. Quite often we see an amazing chap swimming with us who has no arms or legs and pounds up and down for many more lengths than we  do (and is just as quick!).

We were watching the news last night and suddenly there was the very chap…swimming the Channel! Philippe Croizon had his arms and legs amputated following an accident in 1994 and since then has been setting himself amazing challenges. But this is something else – 33 km in just over 12 hours – absolutely incredible  and an inspiration to all. Magnifique, Philippe!


  1. Philippe habitait saint Rémy sur creuse quand il a eu se stupide accident
    bravo a lui et surtout félicitation a ses parents qui le soutiennent dans sa lutte

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