Posted by: kathandroger | September 18, 2010

Sheds and things

It has been a bit of a shed week this week. We are preparing for our forthcoming work by emptying the barns and finding alternative storage for the piles of things we have in them. First up is the shed by the pool, which has now been painted, tiled and pointed. Here it is, just finished…

As well as providing storage for the ‘pool things’ it is also the start of a little project to give some screening from our neighbour’s cars (one of the 32 in the background!). We are going to deck around it and do some planting – should be a pretty little corner.

The other shed looked much more simple, but has turned out to be a nightmare for Roger (I didn’t help him with that one…wonder if that’s why?). Reading the instructions beforehand isn’t his forte and this was one of those really fiddly jobs where just launching in wasn’t the best approach! However, our neighbour benefited from a lesson in English swear words – and after 3 days it is up! So now we have somewhere for our tools too. The biggest job has been to find a home for the big equipment – quad bike, lawnmower etc. This has been sorted too. Having widened one of the entrances to the stables, Roger has had the fun (not really) task of moving the big heavy oak doors from one of the barns we are converting and rehanging them. I have to say, this was done with minimal swearing, so I suspect must have gone well! He is particularly proud of his lime mortar…

So it has been a bit of a ‘jobs’ sort of a week this week, punctuated by the restart of our dancing lessons, our first site meeting for our gite work (still on target for end October start – very exciting!) and our wedding anniversary of course. Can’t believe it is 5 years already – how time flies when you’re having fun!

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