Posted by: kathandroger | September 12, 2010

What a whopper you have, Dr Prior!

We’ve written a couple of times about the Chateau du Riveau in recent months; the first time to say what a wonderful place it was and the second time to report that it had been struck by lightning and partly burnt down. Well, we went again today to the festivale de la citrouille (pumpkin festival) and it was fabulous. Despite the missing roof on part of the château it is the most magnificent setting and the display of dozens and dozens of varieties of pumpkin amongst many other things was stunning…

So when we got home, we were inspired to go straight to our squash patch where we have several varieties growing. We picked a fairly normal potimarron to roast for dinner, and checked on this whopper that Roger is showing off below:

We grew it from seeds given to us by a friend, so we’re not entirely sure what it is. Having done a bit of research, though, it looks pretty similar to a thing called a zucca serpente. Looking at the pictures, it may still have quite some growing to do. Anyone got any good recipes??

On other matters, la chasse (hunting season) got underway today. We first realised around 8 this morning, as Boudie pattered upstairs to our bedroom and hid under then bed. She’s only allowed to do this in exceptional circumstances – storms, fireworks and gun shots! And it did sound a bit like a war zone outside. The countryside was dotted with little white vans and chaps wandering around with guns, spaniels and red hats on looking for things to shoot. We reckoned there were actually more hunters that pheasants this morning…they must have been itching to come out since the last season ended back in february. Oh dear Boudie, only 5 more months to go!


  1. très drôle la courge et l’homme!

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