Posted by: kathandroger | September 11, 2010

Gesiers in the sunshine

It has been a beautiful September day today; a bit fresh this morning, but blue skies and quickly warming up to 27 degrees this afternoon – perfect. Having just repaired out tandem, we decided to try it out and take in a lunch stop on the way. So off we went to Angles sur l’Anglin, officially one of the most beautiful villages in France. There’s one of those classic French squares, full of tables and chairs for the 2 little restaurants on each side of the square – and we got the last table. I went for a croque madame and frites, which I thought was ideal cycling fodder; Roger took the ‘assiette de gesiers’, a fine salad with a big heap of gesiers in the middle, looking something like this:

This is a speciality of the area and is very popular amongst locals; less so amongst many visitors though. We wondered why. Gesiers are gizzards in english and something that are simply not eaten in the UK. They are the muscular bit in birds digestive systems that helps then grind up their food, usually with the help of grit and pebbles. We normally have the chicken or duck variety, but goose gesiers are very good too. I guess it’s the cultural thing about eating offal that puts people off – and the name gizzards isn’t terribly appealing – but actually they taste like bacon or bits of tender ham and are delicious. What a tasty treat – and my croque madame wasn’t half bad either!

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