Posted by: kathandroger | September 6, 2010

From wood to tiles….

I realised a little while ago that Roger was a little obsessed by wood. The mere sight of a pile of wood (preferably hardwood) in a yard or garden provokes great excitement! But is his obsession changing? Ever since he roofed his kiosque he has been getting slightly more excited than is possibly healthy about tiles. We have piles of the things around the garden. We’ve just built a little shed to house the pool equipment, sunloungers etc…and it had to be tiled….

I have to admit, though, it looks much better than it did untiled. Will be even better when it’s painted! What’s next I wonder for the terrible tiler?

Meanwhile, it’s a few days since we discovered that Boudie was having a grossesse nerveuse, or phantom pregnancy. She continues to display all the signs that misled us in the first place – she’s now digging holes to nest! Not quite sure how long this is going to last…can be a few weeks after the due date apparently. Here she is taking a breather from re-landscaping our garden…

Cheer up Boud – things will get better!

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