Posted by: kathandroger | September 2, 2010

Our disappointing day

Last week we had convinced ourselves that Boudie was definitely pregnant. Each week we’d ticked off the relevant change – physically or behaviour wise and we were all set for next Friday to see how many little Airdale paws would appear. But Roger, being the medical type, kept on about the fact her belly wasn’t expanding as it should. I’d read somewhere that if they are only going to have a small litter, it sometimes hardly shows, so we’d concluded that that must be the case.But when she rolled over for her tummy to be tickled this morning, I had to agree with him that the pups were well hidden, so resolved to put our minds at rest once and for all and fixed up to see the vet at 11.30.

Boudie’s not overly keen on the vet and this morning will have done nothing to improve the situation. She’s a no-nonsense sort of a lady and was quite fierce when Boo was terrified as we turned her upside down on the examination table for her scan (having already had her belly shaved – poor thing!). So we all stood holding onto a leg and staring at a monitor, hoping to see some signs of puppies. But nothing. Not a trace of a little Airdale. We both felt quite deflated, having been sure there’d be at least one or two. Boudie was just relieved she could get of that damn table and escape from the terrible woman.

So it appears that our Boo has been going through a phantom pregnancy. It seems that this is a common happening, but there is nothing really that can be done to stop it. Next, we understand, she will start nesting and gather around her toys as pretend pups! One thing that is going to change though – back to normal dog food and proper walks…no more tripe in Provencal sauce for you ma girl!


  1. oh !

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