Posted by: kathandroger | September 1, 2010

Anyone for a gander?

Over recent days our neighbour, Francis, has been telling Roger he could have a ‘jar’ for the chickens. Now, having recently had a line in the local play which talked about collecting water in ‘jarres’ he assumed he was about to receive some sort of receptacle, maybe for the chickens’ food or water. Yesterday he was summoned to collect the afore-mentioned ‘jar’ and was somewhat taken aback when Francis warned him ‘if it comes toward you, grab its neck’. Funny sort of ‘jar’, this, he thought! The problem with the French language is that there seem to be several words that sound the same, so Roger hadn’t bargained for the fact that ‘un jars’ is actually a gander!!! Not sure why, but he said he would have to check with me whether we wanted it…of course we don’t Roger!

This week is ‘La Rentree’ in France, the week when the holidays are over and everyone goes back to work/school. We have ‘back to school’ in the UK, but nothing as structured and culturally strong as here. If you want anything doing after mid-June in France, there is little chance of it happening until ‘after la rentree’. And for some strange reason, all the french take to the roads on the same day for their holidays, causing hundreds of kilometres of jams. Why don’t they travel the day before or after? And no flexible term start dates here – every single child will be going back to school tomorrow morning! Even the entire radio schedule changes, presenters and all, for the holiday period. Sadly, all are all back now, so we must be on the run in to Christmas – what a thought!

The summer produce from the potager is far from finished though. Despite our earlier concerns, we do have a tomato crop. Here is the harvest this afternoon which is already ratatouille for the freezer…

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