Posted by: kathandroger | August 30, 2010

Et voila – le kiosque!

After weeks of disappearing up to the top of the field on the quad bike, Roger finally returned on Saturday to report that the kiosque was finished! The roof has been quite a challenge, particularly as he needed to finish the very top once the rest of the tiles were already on. I have kept well away, not daring to ask how on earth he was actually doing it… So, here it is – thanks also to the help of James, Matthew and Sophie along the way…

He’s now down to real fine tuning – the table he made from scraps of wood is a little too high for me to rest my early evening aperatif on…3 or 4 inches down will be ideal!

As can be noted from the photo above, it has been a beautiful day today. About 24 degrees and blue skies – and Evelyene on the tele has promised the same until at least Saturday – fabulous!

Today is day 53 for Boudie (out of 63) – her waistline is widening and she is sleeping more than ever. Roger has been going on about how tripe would be an ideal meal for her in her condition. I looked all over today and could only find a tripe in provencale sauce – so got her that. Let’s hope her expanding girth is not due to her dietary intake!!

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