Posted by: kathandroger | August 13, 2010

The patter of tiny paws?

Ever since we had our ‘breeding experience’ with Boudie 5 weeks ago we have been reading up about pregnant dogs and looking out for signs. Apparently by now we should be able to discern small walnut sized bumps in her belly, but we are not convinced we can. She has demonstrated pretty much everything else though so far: enlarged nipples (or are we just imaging it?), lying around more than usual (or is she just getting a bit lazy?), thinning fur on her belly (again, our imagination?), off her food a bit (now that definitely is a change). Roger, being of a medical disposition, decided it was time to get her up on the couch and check her out….

…investigation inconclusive, I’m afraid.

It has to be said that Roger has a bit of ‘previous’ when it comes to detecting animal pregnancies. He once had a pig, Piggy Barbara, from whom he wished to breed. So off they went to the boar. Having apparently done the business, Roger and PB returned home and the latter was pampered and thoroughly spoiled as she prepared herself to give birth. As the big day neared, Roger made her a special birthing crate where she seemed very comfortable. But the big day came and went and no sign of little piggies. As luck would have it a couple of vet/farmer friends were coming to dinner, so he had them check her out. He thought it a bit out of order when they returned giggling, and was just a little embarrassed when they announced that Piggy B. was after all not pregnant!

As for our Airdale mum-to-be, we are still not entirely sure, but we definitely think she probably is!!


  1. pratique d’avoir le médecin a domicile !
    Merci à Roger pour hier soir avec Annick…

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